In ADP Group we do everything to transform the colloquial phrases about the importance of human resources into a practical guidelines and directions for all the processes in the field of human resources management. Therefore, the process of developing people and their careers, which include the professional, management and leadership competencies, is a superior task to which is dedicated not only the function of human resources management, but also the total management.

The goal of process of development is to increase a total success of the company through individual contributions of employees beacuse doing so we ensure the competitive ability of the company over the long term. In other words, the individual development plan for employees should be maximally aligned with the company's strategic business plan for mutual success and satisfaction. Individual development plans reflect the awareness of the fact that the professional knowledges are a foundation of credibility in the industry in which we compete, and at the same time attention is paid to the development of management skills and knowledge because without the capable managers a professional knowledge will not be fully manifested.

By developing people in general, ADP Group develops also the organizational atmosphere in which the success of individuals and teams are recognized and rewarded. Also, we take care about the organizational climate, satisfaction of employees by individual aspects of organizational functioning and life, because we are well aware of the fact that on that depends their motivation, that is commitment to achieving the objectives of the company.